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Hey, let’s partner on that!

Thought Leadership on Authentic Change Leadership – ‘Shift Happens but you can lead it’ presented by Ally Solutions Group. The term partnership is often overused and under-appreciated. You will hear people say “let’s partner on that” or “hey, we should get together and talk about how we can partner.” When people have the same definition or expectation of partnership, new ideas, innovation ...

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Trade secrets
How to protect your intellectual property while still keeping it secret

Thought Leadership on Intellectual Property Protection presented by Nath, Goldberg & Meyer. By Joshua B. Goldberg When most people think of intellectual property, they think of the most common, well-known intellectual property rights one can obtain: patents, trademarks or copyrights. One thing that each of these types of rights has in common is that they all require public disclosure. That ...

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Are you ready for a compliance review to arrive at your door?

Thought Leadership presented by Grassi & Co The experience level and recoupment efforts of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) get better and better. The roles of today’s corporate compliance officer are varied, and many are not familiar with designing and implementing internal controls, or developing policies and procedures that assure compliance with ...

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The cost of cutting corners: Is your insurance broker a true partner?

Thought Leadership on Protecting What You’ve Worked so Hard to Build presented by Jeff Bernard at Rampart Insurance Services. Cutting corners when it comes to insuring your business can be extremely costly. There is a stark difference between choosing an insurance provider because they had the cheapest quote, and selecting someone who understands your business and wants to become your strategic partner. ...

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Featured Thought Leaders

Nobel prize
What this year’s winners of the Nobel Prize in economics have taught us about contracts and executive pay

On October 10, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced it was awarding this year’s Nobel Prize in economics to two academics with a long record in researching how to write better contracts and how to reward executives’ performance.

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At the third presidential debate, Trump and Clinton talked about the economy (yes, really)

In a contentious, personal debate that at times descended into name-calling, the two major-party candidates for president did fit in a discussion on their positions regarding some key economic issues, such as job creation, trade and immigration. Here’s what they said.

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Colombia, Brexit and the difficult dynamics of (workplace) democracy

On October 2, a referendum in Colombia narrowly defeated a peace deal designed to bring an end to a five-decade civil war. The shock and scrambling following the decision is reminiscent of the Brexit vote earlier this year. What are the implications for participatory democracy, in the workplace and beyond?

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Once a giant in mobile phones, BlackBerry will no longer make them. What happened?

This week, BlackBerry announced it would stop making its own phones and rely on other companies for any future hardware projects. Before the iPhone came along, the company dominated the mobile phone market. How did things go so wrong?

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