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Sherron Washington

Your brand, live on-air: How to use Periscope to gain exposure

Live streaming is the latest trend taking over on social media. That’s why Periscope, Twitter’s live broadcasting app, has rapidly become one of the leading popular platforms to use. So how can you use it to stand out?

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Marc Kramer

James Cuorato is helping Philly tourism enter the 21st century

In his office, the former drummer of a Beatles cover band is surrounded by pictures and paraphernalia of the Fab Four. Ironically, his job is to promote Philadelphia, and in particular Independence National Historical Park, which celebrates the foiling of a much earlier British invasion. With a knack for serving visitors and a passion for government work, president and CEO James Cuorato is leading the Independence Visitor Center Corporation into an exciting future.

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Patricia Lenkov

Medical leave: A monkey wrench in the succession-planning process

What do the CEOs of, Level 3 Communications and Valeant Pharmaceuticals all have in common? In the past year, they have all taken a medical leave. While their medical problems are different and unquestionably unfortunate, the impact on their companies could be far-reaching and, if not handled properly, devastating.

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Why the true entrepreneur embraces self-discipline

For good or bad, many would-be entrepreneurs bring big personalities to the business. The same passion for excitement in life that brings them to start a business also drives them to have more than that occasional glass, not be so devoted to their spouse and flirt with the employees.

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Mitsubishi’s emissions cheating: Lessons on transparency and the supply chain

This week, Mitsubishi became the second major automaker in less than a year to confess that its emissions tests had been fudged to make cars look cleaner than they actually were. For CEOs, there’s a clear lesson: Make sure your internal reporting and external supply chain stand up to scrutiny. But how?

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Chocolate, beef jerky, salads: Hershey and the changing tastes of the American consumer

Hershey announced this week that it would start selling dried meat bars, following a decline in candy revenue. It’s the latest in a line of companies to attempt a strategic pivot as Americans embrace healthier eating habits. So is Hershey going the right way about a renaissance?

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Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have quit. Should you?

Ted Cruz surprised pundits this week by bowing out of the presidential race, following a loss to rival Donald J. Trump in the crucial Indiana primary. A day later, John Kasich, whose path to the nomination was even steeper, followed suit. What lessons does this hold for your own exit? When is the right time to quit fighting a losing battle?

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Trade secrets

How the new Defend Trade Secrets Act could help protect your intellectual property

President Barack Obama this week signed the Defend Trade Secrets Act, a new law that will allow businesses to sue in federal court to seek compensation for stolen trade secrets — anything from proprietary code to a closely guarded recipe for fried chicken.

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