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WeddingWire is helping engaged couples and wedding vendors find the perfect match

Do not tangle with Martha Stewart over table etiquette. That was the lesson Tim Chi learned in 2007. Chi had pulled together about a half-million in funding for his fledgling online wedding marketplace concept, WeddingWire, which was aimed at connecting engaged couples with wedding vendors. The site had shown some promise in its test city, Washington, DC, but it needed cash to scale.

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Larry Alton

Debt forgiveness and lunch dates: Show your appreciation with unique customer gifts

As a top executive, it’s hard to show all of your customers that you care. You probably haven’t met most of them, so it’s difficult to build that intimate relationship. For that reason, it’s a good idea to use gifts to say thanks.

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Peloton and CEO John Foley are making indoor cycling cool again

At first, nobody wanted to invest in Peloton. Sure, it was an intriguing, innovative, industry-disrupting concept. But it seemed too complicated. As CEO John Foley pitched it, Peloton Cycle would offer a state-of-the art bike for indoor cycling. But it wouldn’t be just a stationary bike company.

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Beating a dead horse: The right and wrong ways to use buzzwords, jargon and clichés

Big data shows that innovation when it comes to communication in the business world is dead, so it’s time for all the thought leaders out there to stop reaching for the low-hanging fruit and start thinking outside the box. Did you get all that? Neither did I.

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Mitsubishi’s emissions cheating: Lessons on transparency and the supply chain

This week, Mitsubishi became the second major automaker in less than a year to confess that its emissions tests had been fudged to make cars look cleaner than they actually were. For CEOs, there’s a clear lesson: Make sure your internal reporting and external supply chain stand up to scrutiny. But how?

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Chocolate, beef jerky, salads: Hershey and the changing tastes of the American consumer

Hershey announced this week that it would start selling dried meat bars, following a decline in candy revenue. It’s the latest in a line of companies to attempt a strategic pivot as Americans embrace healthier eating habits. So is Hershey going the right way about a renaissance?

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Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have quit. Should you?

Ted Cruz surprised pundits this week by bowing out of the presidential race, following a loss to rival Donald J. Trump in the crucial Indiana primary. A day later, John Kasich, whose path to the nomination was even steeper, followed suit. What lessons does this hold for your own exit? When is the right time to quit fighting a losing battle?

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Marriott, Erin Andrews and the risks of franchising

The illicit videotapes of TV sportscaster Erin Andrews and the resulting $55 million award have kept the Marriott International hotel chain in the news this week. Marriott quickly pointed out that it wasn’t part of the lawsuit, but does it still bear responsibility for security lapses at one of its franchises?

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