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direct marketing
The list, the offer, the creative: The 1-2-3s of direct marketing

Thought Leadership on Integrated Marketing Communications presented by RMR Associates. By Robyn M. Sachs President, RMR & Associates, Inc. Direct marketing can be a huge asset to any organization. Whether online or printed, unlike advertising, it can be sent to a carefully selected audience. Unlike public relations, you have total control over the message and the delivery. Unfortunately, it can ...

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8 surefire steps to better sales collateral

Thought Leadership on Integrated Marketing Communications presented by RMR Associates. Someone has asked for more information about your company, product or service. This opportunity calls for good sales collateral. Forget the “nobody reads them” myth. The truth is a customer with a problem to solve will read your brochure to see if you can help. Sure, it takes a salesperson to close ...

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Networking: The power of 1:1 marketing

Thought Leadership on Integrated Marketing Communications presented by RMR Associates. There’s no question that advertising and public relations, when done well, are essential, effective methods for reaching large groups of people, some of whom will become your customers. But to be noticed, heard and remembered, nothing beats the power of 1:1 marketing. Now hold on just a second, I’m not ...

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Is digital marketing enough to grow your business?

Thought Leadership on Leadership in Marketing presented by Beholder Productions, Inc. Digital marketing is great as long as it plays its correct role within a marketing strategy. Too many businesses try to rely fully on digital marketing practices and fail to connect with their target audience. It’s like when you see someone try to replace their primary computer with a tablet; it’s ...

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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: The latest casualty of the age of the conscious consumer

After operating for nearly a century and a half, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is shutting down. Arguably, the venerable entertainer’s demise was precipitated by the emergence of more conscious consumers.

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alphabet soup
Yahoo wants to rename itself Altababa. Here’s a look at some other unusual corporate renaming choices.

This week, Yahoo announced that following the sale of its core business to Verizon Communications, its remaining assets would be combined under a holding company named “Altababa.” The decision prompted chuckles across the internet, but it’s hardly the first time a corporation has embarked on a widely mocked rebrand.

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What is ‘universal basic income,’ and why is everyone talking about it?

In 2017, several countries and at least one company are poised to embark on a major social experiment: What if people were simply handed a certain amount of money each year, no strings attached?

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Meet Rex Tillerson, the CEO who is set to be America’s top diplomat

President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state. What does Tillerson’s record at Exxon tell us about his leadership abilities and priorities?

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