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The science of problem solving: 3 strategies for reaching an “aha” moment

Thought Leadership on The Neuroscience Of Leadership presented by Zero Point Leadership. What happens in our brains when we solve problems? First, consider that there are different types of problem solving. There is linear problem solving, which includes problems that have one solution and are usually better solved analytically. Examples of linear problems include things like math problems and balancing ...

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Retaining millennial talent: The importance of a successful intern housing program

Thought Leadership presented by National Corporate Housing Gone are the days of the traditional intern — the ambitious recent grad running around the office taking coffee orders and refilling printer toner. Meet the millennials — the generation that knows how much their skills and abilities are worth to large companies, and are calling the shots more than any generation before. To attract ...

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5 tips to stop poor leadership from destroying your culture

Thought Leadership on Execution Strategies presented by Simple Solutions. Poor leadership practices are the root cause of employee turnover and loss of productivity, and can cost organizations millions of dollars each year. In fact, most organizations operate with a 5%–10% productivity “drag” that more effective leadership practices can eliminate.[i] Turnover. Poor leadership accounts for 30% of the reasons why people leave their organizations ...

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The science of engagement: How to reactivate disengaged employees

Thought Leadership on The Neuroscience Of Leadership presented by Zero Point Leadership. The research in leadership and organizational change management tells us that our biggest obstacle to creating a high performance workplace is engagement. With an alarming 70% of the American workforce disengaged, it is not surprising to see organizations struggling to move change initiatives and goals forward. To facilitate ...

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Trump adds a billionaire investor and a Goldman Sachs alum to his cabinet picks. What does it mean for economic policy?

This week, the Trump transition team announced picks for secretary of commerce and secretary of the treasury — arguably the posts with the most influence over the country’s economic direction. So what do we know about Wilbur Ross and Steve Mnuchin?

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Trump wants a tariff on companies that ship jobs overseas. Can it be done, and what’s the potential impact?

In a series of Tweets Dec. 4, president-elect Donald Trump threatened to impose tariffs of 35 percent on companies that ship jobs overseas and want to re-import their products to the U.S. for sale. But are tariffs an effective tool in keeping manufacturers in the U.S., and is the plan actually viable?

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Politics, Facebook and pizza: How the rise of fake news and online rumors affects businesses

Facebook and Google have been facing a growing outcry over the proliferation of what’s commonly known as “fake news” on their sites, with some commentators alleging that the widespread sharing of thinly sourced or completely fabricated posts may have influenced the outcome of the presidential election. But this week, it became clear that the power of online rumors reaches small businesses as well.

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Which industries will benefit, suffer under a Trump administration? The stock market provides early clues

After an initial slump, stocks quickly rallied as the news of Donald Trump’s victory sank in. Analysts attributed the quick recovery to a realization among investors that the next administration was likely to cut taxes and regulations, and perhaps invest in new infrastructure. So what are the markets telling us about which industries will see the biggest benefit or take the greatest hit?

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