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Understanding the rise of intrapreneurship

Thought Leadership presented by The Learning House, Inc.   By Tricia Hussung The term “intrapreneurship” refers to new ventures spearheaded within a larger organization. As the millennial generation enters the workforce with new ideas and an unfettered drive to succeed, intrapreneurship is on the rise as a way to channel innovation within a corporate framework. What is intrapreneurship? The essential ...

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How to eliminate robotic recruitment

Thought Leadership on Recruiting and Retention presented by Vector Talent Resources. Rapid technology growth is causing significant waves in talent acquisition, with many recruitment professionals questioning how long it is until they’re replaced by robots. Rather than viewing technology as a replacement, we like to see it as a complement to many of the repetitive functions in the talent acquisition process. One ...

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3 surefire signs it’s time to outsource recruiting

Thought Leadership on Recruiting and Retention presented by Vector Talent Resources. Hiring needs are difficult to predict, leaving recruitment departments understaffed and overwhelmed. No matter how many people you have on the recruitment team, they may not have the expertise to attract and acquire the top talent your company needs. If your company is experiencing rapid growth, or even consistently experiencing a ...

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Making the most of your nonprofit board involvement

Thought Leadership on Growth Strategies for Technology Companies presented by Wiss & Co. It is a privilege to be asked to join a nonprofit board, whether it’s a prominent organization or one that’s fairly under the radar. Registering for a board unlocks the noteworthy ability to assist others on a multitude of platforms, exercising your influence to fortify and transform ...

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Brexit update: As the UK begins negotiations to leave the European Union, banks and manufacturers pack their bags

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced this week that she would initiate proceedings to exit the EU on March 29. The announcement comes as several London-based banks make plans to move thousands of jobs out of the UK.

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Report: Amid promises of tax cuts, deregulation and infrastructure spending, CEOs’ confidence is growing

A new survey shows that CEOs’ projections for hiring, investments and sales growth over the next six months have jumped sharply under the Trump administration.

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Why did the federal government raid Caterpillar’s offices, and is it a sign of more raids to come?

On March 2, federal agents working for the IRS’ criminal division, the U.S. attorney’s office of Central Illinois and two other agencies executed search warrants at Caterpillar’s office in Peoria, IL. The raid, during which computers and documents were seized, was part of an inquiry into the company’s offshore tax practices.

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PwC’s relationship with the Oscars is at risk over a mix-up on live TV. What can the accounting firm do to mend fences?

An embarrassing envelope mix-up at this year’s Oscars ceremony has suddenly thrust PwC, normally a low-key participant in the awards, into the spotlight. What are the consequences of the accounting firm’s misstep, and how can it curtail the resulting damage to its reputation?

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