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Paul Riecks
How to keep the four functions of your company strong and running together

There are four major functions to every business: marketing and sales, operations/manufacturing, finance and administration, and HR management. A lot of inefficiencies are created by the lack of collaboration between these functions.

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The promise of transformation: How can Port Covington unite Baltimore?

The real question in my mind is, how do we make it great? We know Kevin Plank aspires to do world-class work. The litmus test that I use is this: In 30 years, will this project still be cited internationally as truly transformational for Baltimore?

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Upfront work matters: Make sure potential advisors are aligned with your vision and values

As Plato said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” It’s so important to know the foundation of your own business first before bringing anyone else in to help you grow it. Until we know ourselves well, we cannot articulate our identity to others and we cannot equip them with what they need to help us.

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Change is the only constant: Crafting your talent strategy in a job-hopping world

For any executive who has enjoyed a long and satisfying career within one company, the process of understanding, attracting, retaining and managing today’s transient workforce is daunting. Meeting that challenge, however, is essential to containing recruitment costs, tapping essential talent and avoiding excessive staff disruptions.

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Featured Thought Leaders

Second lawsuit against Roger Ailes and Fox News shows the perils of ignoring workplace harassment

This week, former Fox News anchor Andrea Tartaros filed a lawsuit that accuses former CEO Roger Ailes of sexually harassing her, and charges that her career suffered after she rebuffed his advances. Ailes — the mastermind behind the channel’s rise — resigned in July, following another lawsuit that triggered an internal investigation. How did things go so wrong at Fox News?

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Self-driving cars
Driverless cars are coming. How will they shape the economy of the future?

This week, Ford announced it would mass-produce cars without steering wheels within five years. In addition, Uber said it would launch a fleet of autonomous cars in Pittsburgh as soon as this month. What does the advent of driverless vehicles mean for key sectors of the economy?

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The Olympics: Benefit or burden for the host’s economy?

On the face of it, hosting the Olympics should be a good thing — it’s a major sporting event that has the potential to attract millions of athletes and visitors over a period of several weeks. All of them will have to patronize local businesses at some point. But naturally, the event comes with costs — enormous investments in building the required infrastructure, for example. So what’s the ROI for Olympic hosts, if any?

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Meg Whitman, Peter Thiel and the CEO’s dilemma: Is it wise to pick sides in an election?

On Aug. 2, Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman announced she was backing Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaign. On the same day, legendary executive Warren Buffett appeared at a Clinton campaign event in Nebraska. Donald Trump also has received CEO endorsements, including from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. Who is lining up behind which candidate, and is it a good idea for CEOs to get political?

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