Saranne Rothberg

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Saranne Rothberg

ComedyCures Foundation

Tenafly, NJ
Founded: 1999
Industry: Nonprofit

A SURVIVOR’S STORY: Saranne Rothberg, a stage-four cancer survivor, started ComedyCures Foundation from her chemo chair during her first treatment, with a cell phone and laptop. As a single mother going through a divorce, Rothberg saw an incredible need to start an organization that brings hope, joy and laughter into the trenches of treatment. She reached out to nonprofit and for-profit partners, humanitarians and media and soon began bringing joy, hope,laughter and therapeutic entertainment programs to the underserved around the globe.

Quick Tip: “Be likeable and have a sense of humor, and deliver beyond expectations.”

MONEY WELL SPENT: For every dollar donated to ComedyCures Foundation, 91 to 94 percent goes toward programming. The nonprofit was honored to do the first comedy event at the United Nations, and the two organizations have since partnered on many global projects for the ill and underserved, particularly women and girls.

FLEXING HER MUSCLES: Rothberg is fearless, with the realization that at any minute, a situation can change. She believes that humor infuses every day of her life. “Seeing the world through a positive lens and seeing challenges as opportunities [is] a muscle that you have to exercise,” she says.

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