Susan L. Combs, PPACA

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Susan L. Combs, PPACA

Combs & Co.

Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2005
Industry: Insurance

THE FIXER: Combs & Co. president Susan L. Combs considers herself a “fixer” by nature and enjoys tackling unusual problems. Her firm handles quirky risks that many brokers shy away from, insuring everything from a clown to a feature film.

Quick Tip: “You need to have a ‘stretch,’ something that challenges you and makes you grow. If you don’t stretch, you cease to develop.”

EVERY INDIVIDUAL COUNTS: Combs & Co. is one of few brokers to be certified in the New York State SHOP Exchange, the New York Individual Exchange, and the Federal SHOP and Individual Exchange. As a result, Combs & Co. has become a go-to broker for others who would pass on these individual clients. The firm has developed a systematic consulting approach to ensure individuals are thoroughly educated on the available options.

BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER: When Combs founded her firm at the age of 26, her mentor explained that as a young woman, the odds were against her. She would have to be better, faster and stronger than her competition, and, most importantly, she would have to have thick skin. “Starting out, you take absolutely every client because you think you have to,” Combs remembers. “You take the abuse from a client over something that is in no way your fault. And then the switch flips — you realize that you don’t ‘need’ them; they need you.”

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