Coranet Corp.

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1987
Industry: Technology services

Coranet Corp.

Margaret Marcucci
President and CEO

Coranet Corp. is a technology services company that provides enterprise, government and mid-market organizations with a wide range of dependable, cost-effective infrastructure services. Since launching in 2004, Coranet has tripled its revenue, added Fortune 100 clients and government contracts, and expanded its geographic footprint nationally. It has evolved from its roots in telecommunications to providing comprehensive services through a full suite of technology solutions.

Excellence Mantra: “Be patient with yourself; great things will come. I don’t believe in failure, just obstacles that need to be overcome.”

Coranet’s business model is customer-centric and employs five pillars to guide service delivery: technical excellence, a sense of urgency, commitment, ease of doing business and provider flexibility. By focusing on the client, Coranet has earned a reputation as the go-to resource for professional services with a personal touch. Although the company has faced challenges in the past, it has thrived in a competitive industry.

The company’s approach is not to position Coranet as a vendor, but to emphasize the often underappreciated connection between sustained business success and the client’s approach to technology support. Since 2009, Coranet has seen 60 percent revenue growth, and has achieved a client retention rate of 92 percent. This is unprecedented in an industry where client turnover is a regular part of doing business.