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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2012
Industry: Technology


Pete Borum

Reelio is a technology solution that makes the process of connecting brands with YouTube stars for influencer-marketing purposes as simple and efficient as possible.

Excellence Mantra: “Think first and foremost about the customer’s needs, not the company’s. Don’t even begin to think about how you can make money from a service until you’re sure that the service is the best it can be for the customer.”

When companies want to market to YouTube users, Reelio helps make that happen. Now in its third year of operation, Reelio has 32 employees, and sales have grown exponentially. The company has been able to offer proven results to brands and provide its clients with improved ROI. The improvement in social engagements, likes, clicks and comments is one way to measure the enormous reaction Reelio clients see from their campaigns.

At Reelio, company leaders have made it a priority to align employees’ personal and professional goals with the goals of the company. They’ve done so by carefully tying together employee tasks, company goals and Reelio’s overall purpose. As a result, everyone on the Reelio team is able to work together, with a clear purpose in mind.