John “Sean” P. Meenan


IPR International, LLC

Location: Wilmington, DE
Founded: 2002
Industry: Technology

John “Sean” P. Meenan

Years at company: 8

DRIVING GROWTH: John “Sean” P. Meenan, CFO of IPR International, LLC, worked with CEO Tami Fratis to close on senior lending in the amount of $12.5 million with Elm Park Capital Management. “This enabled IPR to eliminate high-interest leasing, provide additional capex funding for growth and generate over $100,000 of free cash flow monthly,” says Meenan. He has also closed more than $1 million in total contract value of client renewals over the past few years.

QUICK TIP: “The world is ever-changing, so we continue to work together in growing IPR and meeting the challenges for our clients and our investors.”

MAKING AN IMPACT: Meenan has helped identify cost efficiencies to prepare the business for scalable growth, with positive impacts to the bottom line. He has also led a team that has implemented a new billing system and processes to enable faster collections of cash.

STRIVING FOR SUCCESS: One of IPR’s major initiatives in 2014 has been automation, which supports cost efficiencies. “I have been working with our technology executive in planning and implementing a new billing system over the last year, and continue to work with our team in trying to drive further automation within our business,” says Meenan.