MFR Consultants, Inc.

MFR Consultants, Inc.

Maria Frizelle Roberts
President and CEO

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1989
Industry: Consulting


MFR Consultants, Inc. specializes in providing IT and strategic management advice, concentrating in defense, public safety, transportation, energy, and health and human services. President and CEO Maria Frizelle Roberts founded the company in 1989 after realizing that she was not likely to break through the glass ceiling in the healthcare industry, despite her experience and education. “[Women] weren’t running hospitals or corporations, so in order for me to break the mold, I had to start my own company, and that’s exactly what I did,” she says.

Quick Tip:Never wear your success on your sleeve. Also, always keep your door open and try to mentor others.”

Frizelle Roberts says persistence and strategic partnerships have contributed to MFR’s growth. “As an entrepreneur, you have to believe that the glass is always half full,” she says. In the next few years, MFR’s goal is to grow from a national company to one with global reach. Frizelle Roberts says that a major growth challenge is human capital — finding the right person for the right position, with the right temperament and personality to work with MFR’s structure. Identifying people who are loyal, committed and dedicated to their profession and the vision of the company is critical.