Adam Zarren

Adam Zarren

Location: Baltimore, MD
Practice areas: Corporate/Business and M&A

Adam Zarren
Managing Partner

Zarren Law Group, LLC

“We focus on maximizing value for our clients irrespective of a client’s size, industry or level of sophistication,” says Adam Zarren. “We are comprised primarily of former ‘big firm’ attorneys and are able to provide senior-level experience using a competitive economic model, which is a value-add to our clients.” Zarren serves as an advisory board member for Betamore, the Baltimore-based technology incubator.

QUICK TIP: “Everything happens for a reason. There is no quit!”

kornbluth_ira_bceo_coi_web_headshot_16“I asked Adam to review documents prepared by another well-known law firm with respect to a major transaction for our organization. These documents had already been effectuated. Adam immediately recognized some significant deficiencies in the documents and alerted me. This was a complicated business and legal situation; we needed to bring the counterparty back to the table and redo the entire transaction while maintaining trust among the parties. The adverse impact of the original documents was primarily to the other party; Adam eloquently described the mistakes made by our prior law firm and how we would remedy the situation. We had to rescind all the documents and restate them in relatively short order. Adam proved himself to be a deep thinker who is able to act quickly and skillfully. The transaction was restated to the benefit of all parties and we avoided pitfalls inherent in the prior documents. The other party was able to avoid a significant tax liability and now very much appreciates the work done by Adam.” – Dr. Ira Kornbluth, CEO, SmartPain Management, LLC