Eliot M. Wagonheim

Eliot M. Wagonheim

Location: Hunt Valley, MD
Practice areas: Business transactional and commercial litigation

Eliot M. Wagonheim

Wagonheim Law

“We categorically reject the notion that the purpose of lawyers is to keep exciting things from happening,” says Eliot M. Wagonheim. “Instead, we help our clients find their highest and best use, while protecting them from whatever it is that keeps them up at night.” Wagonheim believes it’s hard to establish an open line of communication with clients if they’re billed for every interaction. “To eliminate this problem, we developed the Empty Hourglass Program, or EHP. EHP clients pay a small monthly fee and receive unlimited phone calls, unlimited emails, in-office consultations and more.”

QUICK TIP: “Q: Three birds are sitting on a wire. Two decide to fly away. How many are left? A: Three. Because there’s a big difference between deciding to do something and actually doing it.”

mohler_brenndan_bceo_coi_web_headshot_16“Eliot is the single most influential person to our company outside of our owners. He played a key role in a merger our company was involved in, which closed a few years ago. He was not only a tremendous legal resource, but also an instrumental part of my team when discussing potential impacts to my company from a business perspective. Eliot is much more than an attorney — he is an astute business advisor. One of Eliot’s greatest strengths is his ability to take a complicated legal issue … and distill it down to make sure you are meeting your core objectives.” – Brenndan Mohler, Managing Partner, Employee One Benefit Solutions