Eric G. Orlinsky

Eric G. Orlinsky
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Location: Baltimore, MD
Practice areas: Private equity/venture capital and M&A

Eric G. Orlinsky

Saul Ewing LLP

“As my career has progressed, I’ve developed a strong business sense, having been both an entrepreneur and an investor in deals myself,” says Eric G. Orlinsky. “This experience has enabled me to evaluate various angles of a deal, recommend alternative transaction structures and present to clients a big-picture analysis of how one move or another might be better or worse for their business goals.” Orlinsky prides himself on being responsive and creative in finding different ways to get a deal done and achieve a client’s goals. “As a result, I have cultivated meaningful personal relationships with my clients. I am also frequently asked to add value by connecting clients to other service providers, industries and investors. Connecting good people to each other is a hallmark of my practice.” Outside the office, Orlinsky has held multiple board positions, including the chairmanship of the Maryland Zoo’s board. “For me, being involved in an organization is only valuable if you take a leadership role,” he says.

QUICK TIP: “It’s not what you expect, it’s what you inspect.” Orlinsky’s great-uncle, Sid

“Eric’s insibowe_peter_bceo_coi_web_headshot_16ght and expertise have been invaluable on numerous occasions related to sensitive issues and strategy about acquisitions and deal-making. His value-add just starts with legal language but ends with a sensitive understanding of
how human dynamics affect the success or failure of transactions.” – Peter Bowe, CEO, Ellicott Dredges, LLC