Vasilios Peros

Vasilios Peros
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Location: Baltimore, MD
Practice areas: Business, technology and intellectual property

Vasilios Peros
Attorney and Founder

Law Office of Vasilios Peros, PC

The Law Office of Vasilios Peros, PC focuses primarily on business, technology and intellectual property law. I enjoy learning new things every day in diverse subject areas and using that theoretical and practical knowledge to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals, says Peros. He is involved in several technology-focused groups and other networking organizations, and he has authored articles on technology and intellectual property. In addition, Peros has formed and runs four breakfast networking groups that include professional service providers such as accountants and bankers. These groups are focused on helping clients, and group members are learning from each other, he says.

QUICK TIP: “Work hard and provide great service, [and] never forget that you will be remembered for that, not your revenues and billable hours.”

Chris Mechanic“Vasilios is the rock that’s always there to make introductions, give you advice, keep you out of trouble or get you out of trouble if it’s too late. He saves us from making big mistakes and getting in trouble regularly. For instance, we recently spun up an academy, and the model we were using had some features that could have violated the law. Nobody was upset about it, but he helped us retool the technicalities … so we could keep it legal without effectively changing much.” – Chris Mechanic, CEO, WebMechanix