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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2008
Industry: Technology


Samina Amjad


Samina Amjad, CEO of ZDAAS, felt strongly about spending time with her four children, but also about using the master’s degree she had worked hard to achieve in extremely challenging conditions in Pakistan. She decided to start her own business — a business where she could balance her own life goals, but also achieve quality of life for other people by supporting their long-term success in business. “There has not been a day in the evolution of my business where the encouragement of my family didn’t help me to remain focused,” Amjad says.

QUICK TIP:  “We work hard to maintain healthy business relationships, but at the same time, we have cut business ties where the values and ethics are not aligned.”

Zdaas provides information and technology services, software development, project management and IT staffing solutions to government and commercial enterprises. As a small and relatively unknown business, Zdaas was initially able to offer competitive pricing to gain market share and build reputation. Today, Zdaas keeps an eye on profit, but remains an industry competitor due to its pricing structure. Another of the company’s specialties is attracting the most qualified candidates worldwide, and supporting them through the visa process. In coming years, Zdaas will expand its regional reach to state governments including Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond.