Big Sky Enterprises

Mike Regina headshot

Location: Gibbsboro, NJ
Founded: 2003
Industry: Real estate

Big Sky Enterprises

Mike Regina

Location, Location: Mike Regina, principal of Big Sky Enterprises, decided to base his firm in the place he grew up and continued to live. He wanted to give back to his home community, and he also knew that his established network in the area would help Big Sky grow and thrive. Today, the company’s location allows Regina and his team to embody Big Sky’s “live, work, play” model by keeping employees close to home.

FUN FACT: “We are a very tight-knit community where relationships are critical to success.”

Giving and Receiving: “The community has given us the ability to build a company from a vision, and provided the necessary resources to grow,” says Regina. From the local Chamber of Commerce to access to top talent and a wide client base, Camden County has afforded Big Sky many opportunities. That’s why the company’s philosophy is that it’s better to give than receive. “We have made it one of our missions to impact the community by giving back with our time, talents, finances and employment opportunities,” says Regina.

Lasting Impact: Big Sky’s strategy for growth is to live by this old adage: Treat others how you want to be treated. “It’s a simple philosophy, but one that is easier said than done. Doing the little things right will allow us to expand and be instrumental [and] influential in our community,” says Regina.