A Wider Circle

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Location: Silver Spring, MD
Founded: 2001
Industry: Nonprofit

A Wider Circle

Dr. Mark Bergel
President and CEO

Location, Location: The decision to locate A Wider Circle in Silver Spring was based on ease of accessibility for the individuals and families living in poverty in the Washington, DC region. “We are close to the deepest pockets of poverty in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Washington, DC, and not far from either Northern Virginia or Baltimore, both areas where we have seen our numbers increase in the past few years,” says Dr. Mark Bergel, president and CEO of A Wider Circle.

FUN FACT: “Our community is unique in its strong desire to help those in need. We hear all the time from our neighbors — both residential and business — about their desire to help us serve children and adults living in poverty.”

Giving and Receiving: “We have been fortunate to receive strong support from both local government and businesses through funding and sponsorship opportunities, corporate volunteerism and awareness-raising efforts,” says Bergel. “The proximity of several major universities has also been an important benefit to our efforts to recruit interns and staff to support our work. This region is home to some of the best and most diverse talent in the nation, and our ability to recruit top employees has greatly benefited those we serve.”

Lasting Impact: A Wider Circle recently purchased the facility in Silver Spring where it had previously leased space. “This purchase was a crucial milestone, positioning us to improve and expand our space, control our own destiny, and better meet the needs in our community,” says Bergel. “In the coming years, we will renovate and improve this facility, building a model center from which to grow our reach and deepen our level of service.”