AINS, Inc.

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Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Founded: 1988
Industry: Technology

AINS, Inc.

Mohinder Goswami


At AINS, Inc., growth is viewed as an upward spiral: Innovation leads to growth. Ains capitalizes on that growth, and invests in the development of new ideas. The ideas are implemented, and the company grows even more. Most recently, these ideas have included case management technology, like Ains’ eCase platform. This innovation reduces the complexity of the case-management process, and provides solutions to federal, state and local governments, as well as commercial clients. The company’s solutions have helped others achieve increased productivity, more transparency and greater collaboration. Constant innovation and a dedication to its clients have helped Ains continuously expand its reach.

Quick Tip: “Leaders work to align everyone’s goals so that everyone’s success within the company is viewed as a mutual victory.”

CEO Mohinder Goswami knows that leading a rapidly growing company is not without its challenges. To combat these challenges, Goswami has created a team that embraces change, focuses on flexibility and is dedicated to each client’s needs. This approach to leadership has allowed Ains to seamlessly implement solutions for clients, while staying true to its overarching vision. Goswami works to help employees understand that the success of Ains is the success of each staff member. Through this mentality, the company hopes to expand even more in the coming years. It plans to take on a diverse group of customers to provide business process management solutions on an even larger scale.