Apprio, Inc.

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1998
Industry: Technology

Apprio, Inc.

Darryl F. Britt
President and CEO


Apprio, Inc. attributes its continuous growth to two main factors: a dual focus on employees and customers, and diversification. President and CEO Darryl F. Britt knows that he must assemble the best team to provide clients with the best solutions and service available. As such, the company invests heavily in training and technology to build on the team’s strengths. Apprio encourages employees to be innovative, and connects them with meaningful projects. As these projects have become more diversified, Apprio has seen significant growth. Whether government agencies need to track an endangered tortoise across the Mojave Desert or need support for emergency responder credentials, Apprio’s team has solutions.

Quick Tip: “Apprio places great importance on teaming and partnering with the best companies … in an effort to make important and lasting contributions … to the wellbeing of humanity.”

Apprio has developed the ability to identify the right employees to lead, manage and perform against the company’s high expectations. Britt says this is a key ingredient to Apprio’s success and growth. “An integral component of recruiting the correct personnel is taking the time to understand the image you have for your business and hire people that not only have the required skill sets, but hold the same values that you would like for your company to exhibit.”