Apex Home Loans, Inc.

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Location: Rockville, MD
Founded: 1998
Industry: Financial services

Apex Home Loans, Inc.

Craig Strent


Apex Home Loans, Inc. is an independent lender in the residential mortgage industry. “As a direct lender, Apex is positioned to provide flexible financing options tailored to fit customers’ financial situations. We serve individuals seeking their first home, home buyers seeking a residence that better fits their needs, and homeowners searching for better mortgage terms through refinancing,” says CEO Craig Strent. “In the last year, Apex has helped its customers collectively save $97,000 per month through refinancing.”

Quick Tip: “A great plan for how you do things means nothing without having great people in place who can execute.”

A number of different factors have helped boost Apex’ growth. For example, all owners at the firm are still mortgage originators, which helps them understand the issues loan officers face on a daily basis, says Strent. “As all decisions are made locally by people who are still in the business, it creates a culture of teamwork that drives growth.” Apex also invested in a customer experience officer and a large marketing support staff to generate more business and keep existing customers happy. Well-defined procedures and policies have been crucial as well. Over the years, Apex has grown exponentially — from 25 people in 2010 to more than 100 today. But the firm’s future is “not about bigger, it’s about better,” says Strent. “We don’t set artificial goals based on numbers, but instead qualitative goals based on our position in the market.”