Michael J. Kessler, CPA

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Location: Seaford, NY
Founded: 2011
Specialty: Profitability consulting

CPA Service Area Firm – Small

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Michael J. Kessler, CPA

Michael Kessler
CPA, Owner and Profitability Consultant

Michael J. Kessler, CPA’s approach to accounting benefits from decades of experience at the C-level in family-owned, employee-owned and multi-million dollar divisions of publicly traded, multi-billion dollar companies. Accountants at the firm have lived the business owner’s pain, worked through those same issues and learned how to overcome them — all while delivering double-digit revenue and profitability growth year after year. Kessler brings the first rule from the corporate world to its business-owner client relationships: At the C-level, you deliver results or you pack your bags.

QUICK TIP “Learning how to master and best manage your time is the biggest challenge to finding balance and happiness.”

The firm’s approach is to discover what the business owner really desires in terms of quality of life and income for family and business. Kessler’s innovative fiscal discovery and analysis uncovers the profit gems hiding in almost every business. When these profit gems remain hidden, they become profit leaks because they are lost before ever reaching the bottom line. In a fully interactive process with the business owner, Kessler creates a strategic action plan to fix those profit leaks and put the business owner in the driver’s seat to power the business.