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Supplemental executive retirement plans

Asset Management Group on executive retirement planning

Thought Leadership on Diverse compensation presented by Asset Management Group, Inc. Providing additional benefits to only your most valuable employees. If your business is like most, its success depends upon the efforts of a core group of top performing employees. Today’s executives expect a compensation package that goes beyond a paycheck and standard benefits. They want to be recognized for their ...

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5 reasons you should hire a world-traveler

Inc on hiring world travelers

Hiring the right employee is a tough task for even the most seasoned manager.  As a business owner, you most likely look at a potential hire’s education, work experience and personality. But, according to one business professor, you’re missing a huge factor that could determine if that candidate would be a great employee. What is that factor? Well, the candidate’s travel ...

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14 questions CEOs could be asking their HR and finance leaders about healthcare and benefits

TriBridge Partners

Thought Leadership on Employee Benefits-Risk & Reward presented by TriBridge Partners. Your employee benefits and healthcare programs are an extension of the company’s culture and an integral part of your workforce recruitment, performance, and retention strategy. In many cases the benefits are secured by insurance, which is a fine tool to use when managed properly. Employers can leverage the tax-free components of ...

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How Victory Brewing is expanding its brand and making an impact beyond beer

Victory Brewing

On a cold, gray Saturday in December 1995, Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski began brewing the first batch of their craft beer needed for the grand opening of Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA. The event was still two months off and contractors were onsite working to finish the facility. But Barchet and Covaleski had decided to start with the beer that needed to age the longest.

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Three reasons why organizations are motivated to transform how they manage spending


Thought Leadership on Managing Company Spending by ExpenseWatch As organizations grow, management is often forced to contend with once effective business processes that have now begun to buckle under the strain resulting from their growth. Identifying and evolving such processes is critical in order to maintain a balance between organizational oversight and a dynamic and efficient workforce, without compromising the growth ...

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5 pieces of a successful content strategy

5 parts of a successful content strategy

Thought Leadership on Content Strategy presented by Carousel30 This is part one of a six-part series on how to create an effective content strategy, a critical piece of marketing for businesses of all kinds. Having an effective content strategy and content marketing plan can yield great benefits that reach audiences you might not otherwise reach. Let’s first be clear about what exactly ...

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Who is your #1 sales person?

shopping, sale, christmas and mall concept - smiling woman in dr

Thought Leadership on Web Development presented by Socialfix Media.  We often refer to your website as a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week sales machine. A well-designed and executed site has all the best attributes of a top-performing sales rep. It is informative, efficient in delivering compelling brand values that speak directly to the emotional and functional needs of the visitor, and always tells the ...

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Does your company have a unique way of doing things?

Relationship Impact_Unique business

Thought Leadership on Igniting Growth in Stuck Companies presented by Relationship Impact. This afternoon a client CEO suggested that I read an article from today’s Washington Post Sport’s section titled “The Carroll Way: Seahawks coach stays true to himself and wins.” He mentioned that the piece was more management focused than sports focused and that it had valuable insights into ...

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Real estate leaders are once again bullish for the New Year

Friedman LLP on real estate predictions for 2015

Thought Leadership on Real Estate Accounting presented by Friedman LLP.  As we entered the New Year, real estate and business leaders, as well as economists, were asked to provide their prediction for the next 12 months. This is indeed a difficult task especially when many unexpected events took place in 2014. Interest rates which were near record lows on 1/1/2014 as the ...

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