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Disney’s CEO succession turmoil and the importance of bench strength

Patricia Lenkov

Until April of this year, Disney seemed to have an internal successor in place to take over from CEO Bob Iger when he retired in June 2018. However, as they say, the best-laid plans… Iger’s anointed successor was COO Tom Skaggs, and in early April, he threw succession at Disney into turmoil when he unexpectedly stepped down.

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Why the true entrepreneur embraces self-discipline


For good or bad, many would-be entrepreneurs bring big personalities to the business. The same passion for excitement in life that brings them to start a business also drives them to have more than that occasional glass, not be so devoted to their spouse and flirt with the employees.

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What can CEOs learn from choreographers? It starts with fire

Mathew Heggem

The act of making dance — just like the act of building a business — has to start with a fire. It’s hard work that requires discipline, dedication and perseverance. And, simply put, both artists and entrepreneurs understand wholeheartedly that you cannot create greatness without that fuel.

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