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WeddingWire is helping engaged couples and wedding vendors find the perfect match


Do not tangle with Martha Stewart over table etiquette. That was the lesson Tim Chi learned in 2007. Chi had pulled together about a half-million in funding for his fledgling online wedding marketplace concept, WeddingWire, which was aimed at connecting engaged couples with wedding vendors. The site had shown some promise in its test city, Washington, DC, but it needed cash to scale.

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Plan like NASA: The Juno mission shows the keys to a great strategy


NASA is a wonderful example of an institution that knows how to plan. The seven-year Juno mission isn’t complete yet, but it’s well on its way to a successful conclusion. And yes, NASA scientists had contingency plans that they had fun tearing up publicly as the spacecraft entered orbit. How many long-term strategies have you completed?

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How Meryl Levitz built Visit Philadelphia into a marketing powerhouse and ignited Philly’s tourism

Visit Philadelphia

As the president and CEO of Visit Philadelphia, Levitz’s job is to let the world know Philadelphia is much more than Rocky and cheesesteaks (not that there’s anything wrong with Rocky and cheesesteaks). She and her team are behind the development of Visit Philadelphia’s growing online presence, creating memorable and effective marketing campaigns, and launching myriad mutually beneficial partnerships.

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