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How to predict the future of your business

Man looking out toward the future of his business

Great investors like Warren Buffett have earned their titles through their ability to predict the future of the market. With a little luck, and a lot of knowledge of what business professors call “value networks,” the future of business is easier to determine. Value networks are a system of businesses and service providers that work together to create value for their customers. ...

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5 ways to get a “yes” on any business venture

Hands holding up yes signs

Whether it’s an elevator pitch introduction or a long-time business relationship, guaranteeing that you get that much-needed “yes” should be top priority. Follow these tips to improve your chances of getting that “yes.” 1. Plain and simple: Don’t ask a question you know will get a “no.” Be reasonable and know what people can and cannot say yes to. Never ask ...

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5 reasons your conversion rate is lower than it should be

Forbes on conversion rates

Conversions are a key to a successful business. Even with a great marketing campaign or a huge potential audience, without a good conversion rate, your business will suffer. And every business’ conversion rate could stand to improve. By improving your conversion rate, you’ll actually be increasing profits and the bottom line of your business. Forbes has created a list of ...

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3 interview tips to identify problem candidates early

People waiting to be interviewed. (One of them looks like a bad candidate!)

Chances are, no matter how many interviews you’ve conducted as a seasoned business owner, some candidate had thrown you for a loop at one point. Charismatic, personable interviewees who seem great on paper but turn out to be a constantly late employee, or even a toxic coworker for others. The more interviews you conduct, the better you’ll get at weeding ...

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Talent pipeline study focuses on middles skills

Greater Baltimore Committee on a talent study for middle skill level workers'

Thought Leadership on Improving Maryland Business Climate presented by Greater Baltimore Committee. Almost 36,000 new job hires for key middle-skill occupations are expected in the Baltimore region by 2020, according to a recent study gauging occupational training opportunities in the region. Emerging middle-skill jobs, coupled with effective workforce training strategies, could take a significant bite out of the region’s current unemployment level ...

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8 examples of why businesses don’t focus on profits

Harvars Business Review on Value image

Profits are obviously important to a business in order to survive. However, many businesses actually focus on growing their business outside of the numbers. A company may strive to satisfy stakeholders, increase their audience or seek ways to better satisfy their customers. Harvard Business Review has put together a list of reasons why a company may do something other than seek ...

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The marketing ripple effect: 3 ways to get (and keep) it going

Mojo web solutions on marketing ripple effects

Thought Leadership on Digital Marketing presented by Mojo Web Solutions. The ripple effect, or butterfly effect, as it is also known, is the theory of one small motion creating a subsequent motion. The first ripple creates another motion, which creates another, and so on, with each motion getting larger and larger. When applying this theory to marketing, the outcome can be staggering! ...

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Selling your business: Why you may be waiting too long

HighBank on selling a business

Thought Leadership on Selling a Business presented by HighBank. As a business owner, you likely spend much of your time immersed in the details of your business – meeting with customers and prospects, running the day-to-day operations, managing employees and developing strategies for the next phase of growth. Like many business owners, however, your end game might be successfully selling your ...

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Finding and keeping the best employees

OFS on finding and hiring the best employees

Thought Leadership on Office Furniture presented by OFS Solutions.  Fred Allen once said “Treat employees like partners and they act like partners”. Some may feel that doing this is too risky. Well, I feel that not doing so is too risky. Whatever product or service you offer, your company must continuously provide value in order to build revenue. Like it or ...

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Top 6 reasons to move to the cloud

DP Solutions on top 6 reasons to move to the cloud

Thought Leadership on Cloud Computing presented by DP Solutions. Not every business function can reside in the cloud, but as cloud technologies continue to mature, the options increase. Every company owes it to themselves to evaluate their IT needs and infrastructure to see if the cloud can add value. Below are six of the biggest benefits that an organization can realize when ...

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