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How Meryl Levitz built Visit Philadelphia into a marketing powerhouse and ignited Philly’s tourism

Visit Philadelphia

As the president and CEO of Visit Philadelphia, Levitz’s job is to let the world know Philadelphia is much more than Rocky and cheesesteaks (not that there’s anything wrong with Rocky and cheesesteaks). She and her team are behind the development of Visit Philadelphia’s growing online presence, creating memorable and effective marketing campaigns, and launching myriad mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Former POW Ralph Galati helps veterans become entrepreneurs

Marc Kramer

In 1972, while serving in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, Ralph Galati was shot down and captured. He spent the next 14 months at the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison — the same place where senator and former presidential candidate John McCain was famously held. This horrible experience didn’t keep Galati from having a successful career at IBM. Today, he runs the St. Joseph's University (SJU) Office of Veterans Services, which encourages military veterans to launch their own businesses.

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A CEO’s take on building a culture with staying power


In my quest to find leaders who are committed to building authentically positive and profitable company cultures that actively support the administrative staff, I interviewed Don Ochsenreiter, president and CEO of Dollamur Sports Surfaces. A former management consultant for McKinsey, Accenture and others, Don has a strong point of view on company culture and its impact on staff.

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Why the true entrepreneur embraces self-discipline


For good or bad, many would-be entrepreneurs bring big personalities to the business. The same passion for excitement in life that brings them to start a business also drives them to have more than that occasional glass, not be so devoted to their spouse and flirt with the employees.

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A love of grass-fed beef (and beef-fueled travel) launched Dana Ehrlich’s entrepreneurial career


Dana Ehrlich always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but spent his early career plugging away as an engineer and product manager at Intel. Then, while spending a semester abroad in Buenos Aires as part of a Dartmouth MBA program, he became obsessed with Argentine beef, and decided to combine his love of food and concern for environmental issues to become a grass-fed beef baron. Founded in 2005, his company, Verde Farms is growing fast and well on its way to fulfilling Ehrlich’s mission: to change the way Americans consume beef.

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