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To become a great leader, first accept who you are

Mathew Heggem

As both the CEO of an accounting firm and a professional dance artist, one of the toughest lessons I’ve had to learn is how to reconcile these two aspects of my life. For a long time, they seemed at odds, and I felt I had to hide one so the other could flourish. But now, I’ve embraced both my artistic and business-oriented sides.

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How Meryl Levitz built Visit Philadelphia into a marketing powerhouse and ignited Philly’s tourism

Visit Philadelphia

As the president and CEO of Visit Philadelphia, Levitz’s job is to let the world know Philadelphia is much more than Rocky and cheesesteaks (not that there’s anything wrong with Rocky and cheesesteaks). She and her team are behind the development of Visit Philadelphia’s growing online presence, creating memorable and effective marketing campaigns, and launching myriad mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Disney’s CEO succession turmoil and the importance of bench strength

Patricia Lenkov

Until April of this year, Disney seemed to have an internal successor in place to take over from CEO Bob Iger when he retired in June 2018. However, as they say, the best-laid plans… Iger’s anointed successor was COO Tom Skaggs, and in early April, he threw succession at Disney into turmoil when he unexpectedly stepped down.

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