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Is it time to grow your sales team?

People conducting an interview

Thought Leadership on Creating a High Performing Sales Culture presented by Sandler Training Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group If you’re like most business owners, you’ve had to do a fair amount of selling to get your company to where it is today. Perhaps you are at a point now where the demands of managing existing clients, internal staff and other “non-selling aspects ...

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SMB technology trends for 2015

tablet with 2015 trends on it

Thought Leadership on Managed IT Services presented by SecurElement Infrastructure Solutions.  It’s my favorite time of the year; the holiday parties, the festive mood of my counterparts, and the general holiday magic that seems to be infectious. As we prepare for a new year full of possibly, it’s also a time when we reflect on the previous year’s challenges, changes and ...

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Make your pitch for investors

Man showing off business idea

Thought Leadership on Business Insights presented by Sterling National Bank. Your business has uncovered an opportunity — and identified an innovative solution. But where do you find funding, and how do you support it with a compelling pitch? Consider the landscape for investors. These may be angel investor networks— often comprised of individuals interested in connecting their communities— individual angel investors, ...

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Golden handcuffs

a person in golden handcuffs

Thought Leadership on Wealth Management presented by Wealth Preservation Solutions, LLC. Make sure your most talented key executives don’t leave when you need them most. Introduction: Joe Smith had built a successful business over a 40-year working career and was now ready to cash out and enjoy his Golden Years. He envisioned himself playing golf, fishing and watching the grass ...

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How to predict the future of your business

Man looking out toward the future of his business

Great investors like Warren Buffett have earned their titles through their ability to predict the future of the market. With a little luck, and a lot of knowledge of what business professors call “value networks,” the future of business is easier to determine. Value networks are a system of businesses and service providers that work together to create value for their customers. ...

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5 reasons your conversion rate is lower than it should be

Forbes on conversion rates

Conversions are a key to a successful business. Even with a great marketing campaign or a huge potential audience, without a good conversion rate, your business will suffer. And every business’ conversion rate could stand to improve. By improving your conversion rate, you’ll actually be increasing profits and the bottom line of your business. Forbes has created a list of ...

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5 integral tips for creating a successful disaster recovery plan

puzzle with "disaster recovery" piece missing

Thought Leadership on Shared Office Environment presented by American Executive Centers. Should your business fall victim to an unexpected event that leaves you and your staff without a workplace, will you be prepared to resume business? Having a disaster recovery plan (or DRP) in place that will provide business continuity, seamlessly, is a plan no company should be without. Disaster Recovery ...

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Can you imagine pain-free compliance?

Man meditating

Thought leadership on Technology Driving Business presented by NextLOGiK Is your business required to meet compliance standards or tasked with conducting audits or inspections? These practices are put in place to ensure that organizations are operating ethically and in the best interests of their consumers and workforce, but they can be perceived as strenuous tasks. Though the processes vary by ...

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Alignment is the cornerstone of great leadership teams

hands together in a group cheer

Thought Leadership on Igniting Growth in Stuck Companies presented by Relationship Impact. What is leadership team alignment? In very simple terms a leadership team is aligned when all members of the team work in sync to accomplish a common purpose. More specifically, an aligned leadership team debates well, proactively supports each other, is laser focused on what is most important, and ...

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Get the most out of your morning

Person turning off an alarm clock

Business owners are busy from the moment they wake up to the hours past when they should’ve been asleep. Then, the next morning they’re up early and going at it again. While most people dislike being a “morning person,” the fact is that it’s necessary to get the most out of your day. Many seasoned CEOs still dislike being morning ...

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