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What is your company’s IT maturity level?

Child with laptop

Thought Leadership on Business Strategies using Technology presented by Certified CIO. We’ve all heard the discussions about business maturity levels however have you considered that there’s also an IT maturity level that corresponds to the maturity level of your business? As CEOs we are familiar with the evolution of our businesses from entrepreneurial startup through the adolescence of management evolution and ...

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How do you measure the total cost of an employee?

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Thought Leadership on Enterprise Cost Containment presented by Hays Companies.  One of your best employees has been performing job functions at your business using a repetitive motion for the past 6 months. Productivity is up, Sales are up, defects are down, inventory is perfectly managed and profits are soaring. Over the weekend he’s playing pick-up basketball using a similar motion ...

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Reforming Maryland’s redistricting process

Maryland map

Thought Leadership on Improving Maryland Business Climate presented by Greater Baltimore Committee. Leaders at the Greater Baltimore Committee agree that the number one objective for strengthening Maryland’s business climate is to get the private sector and government on the same strategic page. While many business climate issues are debated by state lawmakers, there is one where the business-government consensus appears to be ...

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3 culture busters

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Thought Leadership on Corporate Culture presented by IntegrityONE Partners, Inc. There’s often ambiguity about the seemingly simple question: “how do you describe the culture of your organization?” You may hear, “well, it’s the way we do things around here” or “it’s just who we are – top to bottom.” Many attributes, characteristics, formal procedures or informal rules of thumb that ...

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Use big data to improve benefits, morale and your bottom line

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Thought Leadership on Enterprise Cost Containment presented by Hays Companies.  February 15th, 2011 may go down as a seminal day in the annals of big data. With a combined two-day total of $77,147, IBM’s super computer, Watson, not only defeated two of Jeopardy’s greatest champions but also ushered in a new and exciting era into the relevant use of data ...

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How to predict the future of your business

Man looking out toward the future of his business

Great investors like Warren Buffett have earned their titles through their ability to predict the future of the market. With a little luck, and a lot of knowledge of what business professors call “value networks,” the future of business is easier to determine. Value networks are a system of businesses and service providers that work together to create value for their customers. ...

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Why you need a morning routine, and tips from those who have one

Man hitting alarm with hammer

Instead of hitting the snooze button one or two (or three) more times, take advantage of the morning hours to get a jump start on the busy day ahead. Inc. reports that people have better self-control and more willpower within hours of waking, making it the perfect time to be productive. While everybody goes about their day differently, it can ...

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Real property dealer vs. investor: An overview

piggy bank and house

Thought Leadership on Real Estate Accounting presented by Friedman LLP.  A taxpayer’s activities and intentions when purchasing and selling real property are important in determining whether that taxpayer is a dealer or investor in real property. This distinction is relevant, since it determines the tax treatment of the gain on the sale of real property. If the taxpayer is a dealer ...

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3 top employment law audit items: Get your HR house in order

Business people talking

Thought Leadership on HR Strategy presented by Levy Employment Law, LLC and RealHR Solutions LLC.  Employers are most vulnerable to employment law claims when their business practices are out of sink with current legal standards.  Our top three: new hire notices, background check procedures, and staff classification. With just a small time investment to check current practices regarding new hire notices and background check ...

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Three keys to measuring your branding efforts for maximum results, accountability and stakeholder buy-in

Looking at a chart

Thought Leadership on Branding and PR presented by The Borenstein Group.  When was the last time you’ve found yourself proclaiming, “I LOVE the ROI were getting on our marketing. This really helped us GROW this fiscal year!” If you’re being honest with yourself, chances are the answer is slim to none. The majority of us never experienced joy when it comes to explaining marketing and ...

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