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5 ways to get yourself back on track after a mistake

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Oh no! You made a mistake. There is no worse feeling than knowing that you just screwed up. You’re probably upset, ashamed or even angry at yourself. You’ll probably dwell on it — but that isn’t healthy! It’s a tough, emotional challenge, you need to let it go and try to forgive yourself. Holding onto that mistake can affect your ...

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5 ways to get a “yes” on any business venture

Hands holding up yes signs

Whether it’s an elevator pitch introduction or a long-time business relationship, guaranteeing that you get that much-needed “yes” should be top priority. Follow these tips to improve your chances of getting that “yes.” 1. Plain and simple: Don’t ask a question you know will get a “no.” Be reasonable and know what people can and cannot say yes to. Never ask ...

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16 ways to boost your happiness at work

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A Gallup study from 2013 reported data from more than 180 million people which shows that only 13 percent of full-time employees are considered “happily engaged at work.” Those in the happy 13 percent, have been shown to be 36 percent more motivated, twice as productive and six times more energizes than the “unhappy counterparts.” Unless you fall into that 13 percent, chances ...

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How to predict the future of your business

Man looking out toward the future of his business

Great investors like Warren Buffett have earned their titles through their ability to predict the future of the market. With a little luck, and a lot of knowledge of what business professors call “value networks,” the future of business is easier to determine. Value networks are a system of businesses and service providers that work together to create value for their customers. ...

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DC’s commercial real estate gurus discuss market challenges


Commercial real estate is still recovering from the shock waves of the recession, and it is facing myriad other stumbling blocks, such as the price of debt, small talent pools, telecommuting trends and tax changes. SmartCEO gathered some of Washington, DC’s most experienced commercial real estate experts to take the temperature of the industry’s present and future.

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3 interview tips to identify problem candidates early

People waiting to be interviewed. (One of them looks like a bad candidate!)

Chances are, no matter how many interviews you’ve conducted as a seasoned business owner, some candidate had thrown you for a loop at one point. Charismatic, personable interviewees who seem great on paper but turn out to be a constantly late employee, or even a toxic coworker for others. The more interviews you conduct, the better you’ll get at weeding ...

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5 reasons your conversion rate is lower than it should be

Forbes on conversion rates

Conversions are a key to a successful business. Even with a great marketing campaign or a huge potential audience, without a good conversion rate, your business will suffer. And every business’ conversion rate could stand to improve. By improving your conversion rate, you’ll actually be increasing profits and the bottom line of your business. Forbes has created a list of ...

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12 traits of confident people: How to apply them to your life

12 traits of confident people

Confidence influences many aspects of a person’s life, from social interactions to business transactions. A study done at the University of Melbourne correlated confidence with increased wages and faster promotions. So, being confident in yourself and your work is clearly important to get ahead. But, faking confidence is not enough. True confidence has a look different from the confident mask ...

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4 key strategies for smarter social media posting by CEOs

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Thought Leadership on Branding and PR presented by The Borenstein Group.  “Have you seen what she said on Twitter?” “OMG, have you seen what he said on LinkedIn that disparaged our channel partner?” Every day, we read about CEOs’ social media-posting faux pas — committed in the name of ‘openness,’ ‘transparency’ and ‘authenticity,’ but in reality damaging their company’s brand and ...

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Choosing a wealth manager: It’s like finding a CFO for your personal wealth

Kendall capital management on choosing a CFO

Thought Leadership on Wealth Manager Strategies for the CEO presented by Kendall Capital Management. If you’re a CEO, you have a CFO who is charge of your company’s finances. He or she undoubtedly has a good skillset for managing a corporate balance sheet. But when it comes to managing a CEO’s personal finances and wealth, including retirement planning, a different set of ...

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