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The marketing ripple effect: 3 ways to get (and keep) it going

Mojo web solutions on marketing ripple effects

Thought Leadership on Digital Marketing presented by Mojo Web Solutions. The ripple effect, or butterfly effect, as it is also known, is the theory of one small motion creating a subsequent motion. The first ripple creates another motion, which creates another, and so on, with each motion getting larger and larger. When applying this theory to marketing, the outcome can be staggering! ...

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Selling your business: Why you may be waiting too long

HighBank on selling a business

Thought Leadership on Selling a Business presented by HighBank. As a business owner, you likely spend much of your time immersed in the details of your business – meeting with customers and prospects, running the day-to-day operations, managing employees and developing strategies for the next phase of growth. Like many business owners, however, your end game might be successfully selling your ...

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Does your elevator pitch start conversations, or end them?

Sandler Training on presenting an elevator pitch

Thought Leadership on Creating a High Performing Sales Culture presented by Sandler Training Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group Last month I attended a morning meeting of a well-known networking group as a guest. As I listened to each of the participants give their commercials, or elevator pitches, I began to notice that many of them started to sound the same. An example ...

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Business valuation: Knowledge of your company’s future

Prairie Capital on the future of business through valuation

Thought Leadership on Ownership Transition presented by Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.  As a business owner, the need to understand the current value of your company is critical to make better informed, strategic business decisions now and into the future. Going through a professional valuation process will help you identify and understand the value drivers influencing your business success so you know ...

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The power of defining roles: Why job descriptions matter

Levy and RealHR on the power of defining roles

Thought Leadership on HR Strategy presented by Levy Employment Law, LLC and RealHR Solutions LLC. “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” ― Vince Lombardi “Know where you fit in, know how you contribute to the greater whole, and know and appreciate the roles of those around you,” another ...

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Why the desktop PC is due for a change

Securelement Infrastructures on technology and PC changes in the future

Thought Leadership on Managed IT Services presented by SecurElement Infrastructure Solutions.  For the most part, people are creatures of habit. So it’s safe to say that our day-to-day routines are much of the same, and nowhere is this sameness more common than in our working lives. We boot up our machines, perform our standard login procedure, see our desktops as they ...

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Three reasons why organizations are motivated to transform how they manage spending


Thought Leadership on Managing Company Spending by ExpenseWatch As organizations grow, management is often forced to contend with once effective business processes that have now begun to buckle under the strain resulting from their growth. Identifying and evolving such processes is critical in order to maintain a balance between organizational oversight and a dynamic and efficient workforce, without compromising the growth ...

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5 reasons you should hire a world-traveler

Inc on hiring world travelers

Hiring the right employee is a tough task for even the most seasoned manager.  As a business owner, you most likely look at a potential hire’s education, work experience and personality. But, according to one business professor, you’re missing a huge factor that could determine if that candidate would be a great employee. What is that factor? Well, the candidate’s travel ...

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Supplemental executive retirement plans

Asset Management Group on executive retirement planning

Thought Leadership on Diverse compensation presented by Asset Management Group, Inc. Providing additional benefits to only your most valuable employees. If your business is like most, its success depends upon the efforts of a core group of top performing employees. Today’s executives expect a compensation package that goes beyond a paycheck and standard benefits. They want to be recognized for their ...

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