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Is your business running on outdated software?

outdated computer

Thought Leadership on Business Technology presented by Net@Work. Cumbersome productivity gaps are an eventuality in a growing business, often caused by using a combination of legacy systems and manually maintained or disparate workflows. So how can you tell when it’s truly time for an upgrade? Gap analysis is one clear way to provide insight into such a hefty decision. The answer ...

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More sales conversations, less presentations

Man giving a presentation

Thought Leadership on Creating a High Performing Sales Culture presented by Sandler Training Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group. The old time traditional sales manager and sales person are going to have a tough time with this concept of a sales call being an honest conversation with prospects, not a presentation. Now I’m not saying that you never make a presentation. At some point ...

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Embrace change and avoid obsolescence

Note that says: Time for change

Thought Leadership on Business Insights presented by Sterling National Bank. In business, complacency is the root of all evil, across virtually all industries. Today’s consumers are smarter than ever and carry new technologies in their purse and pocket. Businesses that are slow to adapt will die. Be nimble and quick, but how? The manager’s imperative Managers and executives must perform a ...

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Startups get an A+

Super hero businessman with an A+ on his chest

Thought Leadership on Growth Strategies for Technology Companies presented by Wiss & Co.  The capital raising landscape for startups has often been a bit of a minefield. In March 2015, the SEC adopted what is commonly referred to as Regulation A+ under Title IV of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012. Regulation A+ provides for two tiers ...

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I’m newly divorced or widowed, now what?

Woman alone on an island

Thought Leadership on Wealth Management presented by Wealth Preservation Solutions, LLC. Getting divorced or becoming a widow can leave you with the unfamiliar responsibility of managing your finances. The period of time following a major life change can be difficult, confusing and overwhelming. Don’t rush into making any major decisions, such as selling the house or changing your investment strategy. Allow ...

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The synthetic equity club: Retain and reward your key employees

Celebrating employees

Thought Leadership on Ownership Transition presented by Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.  Locating, hiring and retaining the best employees is an ongoing and often arduous task for owners of closely held businesses. As a company owner, you might be looking for ways to incentivize and reward your key management to encourage and boost loyalty and morale. Consider a Synthetic Equity Club. With ...

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The truth about millennials, and 3 tips on how to lead them better

young people working

Thought Leadership on Women’s Leadership presented by Grace Killelea, CEO of The GKC Group & Half the Sky Leadership. As leaders we are faced with a new generation of employees and future leaders entering the workforce. Many of our clients are frustrated about how to deal with the influx of millennials and are looking to understand and effectively lead this important demographic group. ...

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What social media is right for my business?

social media bubble

Thought Leadership on Shared Office Environment presented by American Executive Centers. There are thousands of social media platforms, and in this day and age, we know we need to have a presence but deciding which ones to focus on can be confusing. Here is an overview of the big five: Facebook While there’s no doubt that Facebook is the number one ...

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The third way of leadership: the male and female brain

Sides of the brain

Thought Leadership on The Third Way of Leadership presented by The Leaders Edge/Leaders by Design. While the sociological goal is equality and equity for men and women in the workplace, one must consider the chemical differences of the brain in men and woman. Walt and Barb Larimore, in their 2008 book entitled His Brain, Her Brain, provided an explanation of the chemical ...

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