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Infographic: The customer’s voice


With the rise of social media and instant gratification, customers have become increasingly powerful in determining the success of a brand. Recognizing this trend, a growing number of businesses are appointing chief customer officers (CCOs).

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How newly minted Hopkins grad David West’s company is shaping the future of cancer diagnosis


At 22, David West Jr. is already a successful entrepreneur. Inspired by his mother’s battle with breast cancer and a longstanding passion for computers, he became interested in how technology could be used to help improve diagnosis and treatment for cancer. That interest turned from an undergraduate project at Johns Hopkins University into a fast-growing digital pathology company, Proscia.

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Here’s how the Trump administration could affect entrepreneurship


I don’t write about politics in my columns, books or blog. There’s one simple reason for that: Why upset half my potential readership? So despite the headline, this is not a column about politics, but rather focusing on a number of potentially significant changes that may come to the world of entrepreneurs under our new president.

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