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Interior Matters by Fred Mael

Changes that stick: How to develop the willpower to make your resolutions last all year

You may have resolved to make lasting changes to your behavior this year — things you would do more often (exercising, networking) or would stop doing (smoking, gambling, screaming at employees). Chances are that you are back in the same rut, with sagging resolve and feeling disappointed with yourself once again. Or you are still hanging on, but starting to waver. How can you succeed
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Closure than you think: What is closure, and why is it important?

What exactly is this widely used concept “closure”? Do all people have a similar need for closure? And how is it relevant for work life and leadership?
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How you can restore trust after being accused of wrongdoing

How can a damaged reputation be salvaged? The question applies to those who were falsely charged with misbehavior and even those who were guilty of indiscretion and are ready to make amends.
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No time left for you: Getting to the things that matter takes commitment

At the end of the day — or the week, the year, the life — many of us will be struck by a painful truth: There was enough time.
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Should you be watching? Cybersecurity and employee morale

Recent spectacular breaches of organizational data reiterate the need for vigilant cybersecurity. One component of this effort is keeping an eye on employee use of data resources.
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Avoiding the horse race: A leadership approach to elections

Sadly, political commentary seems to focus almost exclusively on who is ascending and descending during elections. I argue that there is a better, more substantive way to assess candidates for elected office.
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Understand and evaluate cultural doomsday warnings from employees

A member of your senior team informs you of a serious problem: Your company’s culture is eroding. Employees are suspicious of management, finger-pointing and scapegoating have become the norm, people are breaking up into competing factions, key staff are talking about heading for the exit — and you, the CEO, have been oblivious!
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Are you lonely at the top? Understand and eliminate the reasons

Secrecy plays a necessary role in the activities of many professionals. However, for some, secrecy becomes a self-imposed barrier to open communication and, tangentially, a source of loneliness.
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How to deal with employee grudges before they become disruptive

A member of your staff (“Terry”) applied for a position or a promotion within your company and was not chosen. Terry is disappointed and possibly holding a grudge.
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Why social identification is good for employers — and employees

Your Sunday night mood fluctuates depending on how your football team performed. You take it personally when your employer, church or country is criticized. You will only drink, use or wear a certain brand even though, objectively, the quality may not be better. Why? Because without consciously intending to do so, you identify with these groups or products.
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