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Leader as Coach is a program for CEOs and leaders who want to be more skilled in developing others. The program adds to your ability to shift to a coaching approach in the right circumstances. It’s adding an additional tool to your set of tools for leading and managing.

Telling, directing or deciding things for another is the least effective way to develop that person. Great questions, good listening and a strong relationship cause the other person to think, grow and be better able to take actions.


You’re a leader, and Joe is a pretty good employee. He comes to you with a problem. “You know the [SITUATION]. It’s not working. I’m not sure what to do.” He tells you more, including some of the details. You probably know more than he does about this kind of thing. This situation is not today-urgent, but it’s important to have a good solution soon.

Consider these possible responses:

  • “Tell me how you are thinking about the alternatives?”
  • “What’s really critical here, as you see it. What do we really care about in this? What outcomes are important to us?”

Ask for more details about the situation. The details you would need to determine the right solution.

  • “Have you considered a [SOLUTION]?”
  • “OK, I think I’ve got it. Here’s what we are going to do: [SOLUTION].”

Which of these would most help Joe to think and grow?

Which of these would leave Joe owning this? Which would tend to shift it to you? (Not just the immediate actions, but the continuing ownership and need to “sweat it” as it develops over time.)

If the whole situation were more urgent — needing an answer today or right now — how would that change things? (Of course, coaching isn’t right for every situation.)

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Richard Karash is an independent consultant whose work covers the broad range of Organizational Learning disciplines, with emphasis on leadership development and executive coaching. Mr. Karash’s overall focus is on helping client increase their capacity for results, learning, and change. His clients include industry, high-tech, government, military, intelligence, academia, healthcare, and nonprofit.

Leadership Development — Mr. Karash designs and delivers leadership development programs for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. He is a master facilitator for The Core Course offered by the Society for Organizational Learning, and a facilitator for Leadership & Mastery (Innovation Associates) and Foundations for Leadership (Society for Organizational Learning).

Executive Coaching — Mr. Karash is active as an executive coach. Since 2003, he has been delivering coaching and managing coaching programs in the U.S. Intelligence Community, academia, and nonprofit organizations.

Consultant and Facilitator Training — Mr. Karash has a 20-year track record in developing consultants, facilitators and executive coaches to enhance their ability to adopt a systems perspective in their work. He is a co-developer of a new program Coaching from a Systems Perspective for experienced executive coaches.

Mr. Karash is a contributor to The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organization. He has been a regular presenter at the annual Systems Thinking in Action conference and a contributor to The Systems Thinker. He was a founding Trustee of the Society for Organizational Learning. He is a past Chairman of the Sustainability Institute.

He was a senior staff member at Innovation Associates, Inc. (later Arthur D. Little) from 1991 through 1995. Prior to joining IA, he spent nearly twenty years as an executive in technology-based companies. He co-founded a highly successful computer software firm, Management Decision Systems, Inc. He was chief operating officer of Applied Expert Systems, developing artificial intelligence applications for the financial services industry. Later, he was VP – Marketing as part of the turn-around team at Symbolics, Inc., a computer workstation vendor. He spent several years as an independent consultant working on business strategy and strategic planning for software and other high-tech firms.

He is a principal in both Karash Associates LLC and Systems Perspectives LLC and adjunct staff for The Society for Organizational Learning and for Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. Mr. Karash earned a degree in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and holds a Master of Science from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He holds active DoD security clearances.


Karash_FacilitatorsRichard Karash, Deborah Reidy and Cynthia Way have worked together continuously on large-scale organizational develop and culture change projects for over a decade. They are experienced professional executive coaches with broad clientele in public and private sectors. They developed the Leader as Coach program to support a multi-year organizational change initiative including coaching, team facilitations and this course. They have delivered the program numerous times for government and corporate leaders.


Executive Education Topics:

“The program provided me with specific tolls to identify what clouded my decision making, and helped me identify how to change that to better approach conflict.”

“The program has allowed me to better deal with potentially explosive situations; having a respectful disagreement and bringing it to a positive conclusion.”

“This workshop provided me the skills to be an active listener as well as how to utilize questions. Prior to this workshop, I would have been prone to just giving direction, advice or solving the problem for them.”

“Using the skills in this program, I had the best conversation ever with my teenager. They wanted me to listen, not solve the problem. And, I was able to help them think through the issue themself.”