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SmartCEO’s Leaders’ Edge is an exclusive and elite group of proactive and profitable CEOs in the Mid-Atlantic region. These are CEOs of exceptional character, whose strategy for growing their companies includes sharing their vision and ideas in a community of like-minded peers.

What sets SmartCEO’s Leaders’ Edge community apart from other organizations, memberships and peer-to-peer groups? We focus on providing you the tools, connections and platform to generate new business, period.

Steve Hall

Leaders you should know: Steve Hall, President and Owner, Maryland Sales Training & Management Development, Inc. — The secrets of sales success
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T. Richard Stroupe headshot

T. Richard Stroupe Jr.

Leaders you should know: T. Richard Stroupe Jr., Founder and CEO, Sequoia Holdings, Inc. – Mission-critical work
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Kirk McLaren headshot

Kirk W. McLaren

Leaders you should know: Kirk W. McLaren, MBA, CPA, CEO, Foresight CFO Solutions – Climbing mountains together
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David Bookbinder headshot

David Bookbinder

Leaders you should know: David Bookbinder, Director, Valuation Services, GBQ Consulting — Adding value to your valuation
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Mark Miller headshot

Mark Miller

Leaders you should know: Mark Miller, Vice President, Merritt Athletic Clubs – The best part of your day
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Chloe Johnston headshot

Chloe Johnston

Leaders you should know: Chloe Johnston, Founder and President, Chloe Johnston Experiences – Traveling the World — The Chloe Johnston Way
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Tabasum Lutfi headshot

Tabasum Lutfi

Leaders you should know: Tabasum Lutfi, Co-Founder and COO, TriVision Creative — Creative Marketing and Media Communications
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Sheila Duffy headshot

Sheila Duffy

Leaders you should know: Sheila Duffy, President, Greystones Group — Supporting crucial cyber missions
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Michael Waddell headshot

Michael Waddell

Leaders you should know: Michael Waddell, Co-founder and Managing Partner, INTEGRITYOne Partners — Going beyond the status quo
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Duane Carey headshot

Duane Carey

Leaders you should know: Duane Carey, President, IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations – A scientific eye for entrepreneurship
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Carin Lazarus headshot

Carin Lazarus

Leaders you should know: Carin Lazarus, President, Media Star Promotions – A seasoned promoter
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Gregory Carafello headshot

Gregory J. Carafello

Leaders you should know: Gregory J. Carafello, Master Franchisee, Cartridge World – A new world of printing
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Evan Polin headshot

Evan Polin

Leaders you should know: Evan Polin, President, Sandler Training, The Training Resource Group – Accountability, hard work and results
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Bob Swensen headshot

Bob Swensen

Leaders you should know: Bob Swensen, President, Total Technology Solutions – Old-Fashioned Service, Modern Solutions
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Robert Maher headshot

Robert Maher

Leaders you should know: Robert Maher, Executive Director and CEO, St. Christopher’s, Inc. – A beacon of hope
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Dan Burns headshot

Dan Burns

Leaders you should know: Dan Burns, Partner, Athletes Go Pro, LLC – The Athlete Connection
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George Mach headshot

George Mach

Leaders you should know: George Mach, President and CEO, Apex IT Group – Commanding IT
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Joshua B. Goldberg headshot

Joshua B. Goldberg

Leaders you should know: Joshua B. Goldberg, Partner, Nath, Goldberg & Meyer — Protecting your best assets
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Steve Braun headshot

Steve Braun

Leaders you should know: Steve Braun, President and CEO, Search Consultants International — The Perfect Match
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Robyn Sachs headshot

Robyn Sachs

Leaders you should know: Robyn Sachs, President and CEO, RMR & Associates – The marketing doctor.
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Risë Birnbaum headshot

Risë Birnbaum

Leaders you should know: Risë Birnbaum, Founder and CEO, ZCOMM — Getting your message across
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Jim Hohl headshot

Jim Hohl

Leaders you should know: Jim Hohl, Founder and CEO, Visify — What happens when you just go for it
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Anthony W. Mongeluzo

Leaders you should know: Anthony W. Mongeluzo, President and CEO, Pro Computer Service LLC — A new kind of IT
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Dan Workmeister

Leaders you should know: Dan Workmeister, Vice President, Consolidated – More than just overhead.
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Gary Ditto

Gary Ditto

Leaders you should know: Gary Ditto, President and Founder, WHO – A Staffing Company – Finding the perfect match
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Marty Schwartz

Leaders you should know: Marty Schwartz, President, Vehicles for Change — Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
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Michael Araten

Leaders you should know: Michael Araten, President and CEO, The Rodon Group and K’NEX Brands, Building new worlds.
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Andrew Berks

Leaders you should know: Andrew Berks, Patent and IP Attorney, Cittone & Chinta LLP – Protecting your most valuable business asset.
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Earl M. Furfine

Leaders you should know: Earl M. Furfine, CPA, PMP, CITP, CGMA President and COO, 5AM Solutions — A 5AM wake-up call
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Carl Joyner

Leaders you should know: Carl Joyner, CEO, TRIOSE – TRIOSE and Goliath.
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Harel Turkel

Leaders you should know: Harel Turkel, President, SOS Technology Group – Building a safer city with safer businesses.
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Paul Younkins

Leaders you should know: Paul Younkins, Founding Principal and Senior Consultant, TriBridge Partners, LLC – Truly independent advisors.
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Mark Debinski

Leaders you should know: Mark Debinski, President, Bluewater Advisory – An objective eye for hiring.
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Robert W. Weinhold Jr.

Leaders you should know: Robert W. Weinhold Jr, Principal, Fallston Group - The art of crisis leadership
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Wanda Smith

Leaders you should know: Wanda Smith, Founder & CEO, Symphony Placements – Growing excellence in staffing.
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Amanda Gianotti

Leaders you should know: Amanda Gianotti, President of Allogram, Inc. – Etching the future of personalized awards.
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Gary Pudles

Leaders you should know: Gary Pudles, President and CEO, AnswerNet – Keeping the lines open.
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Carl Wilgus

Leaders you should know: Carl Wilgus, President and CEO, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau – More than a favorite honeymoon destination.
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Mark Wagner

Leaders you should know: Mark Wagner, Co-founder and Principal, Intellivoice – Sometimes smaller means better service.
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Matt Johnson

Leaders you should know: Matt Johnson, President and CEO, Raven Data Technologies, Inc. — A true growth partner that specializes in IT.
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Kimberly Springsteen

Leaders you should know: Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott, CEO, Commonwealth Capital Corp. – Certified for growth.
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Jim Geier

Leaders you should know: Jim Geier, President, Human Capital Consulting Partners – Growth based on reputation.
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Jonathan Ballin

Leaders you should know: Jonathan Ballin, Founder and CEO, Bigfoot Communications – Bigfoot, big impact.
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Kristina Bouweiri

Leaders you should know: Kristina Bouweiri, President and CEO, Reston Limousine – How a sales call changed the future of Reston Limo.
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Shawn Shannon

Leaders you should know: Shawn Shannon, President, Unison Business Solutions – Masters of mailing.
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Brenda McChriston

Leaders you should know: Brenda McChriston, CEO and Principal Productivity Partner, Spectrum HR Solutions – Getting ROI on your HR.
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Chris McDonell

Leaders you should know: Chris McDonell, President, McDonell Consulting & Development, Inc. – The Sandler selling system shakes sales stereotypes.
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Dror Mei-Tal

Leaders you should know: Dror Mei-Tal, President and CEO, Global Telecom Brokers – Revolutionizing the telecommunications industry.
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Rick Bastinelli

Leaders you should know: Rick Bastinelli, CEO, Centric Business Systems – Helping clients track and lower document management costs.
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Reed Hagmann

Leaders you should know: Reed Hagmann, President, Capitol Office Solutions – Helping you understand technology needs.
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Ethan Kazi headshot

Ethan Kazi

Leaders you should know: Ethan Kazi, CEO, The Canton Group – Securing partnerships in IT.
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Craig Kahl

Leaders you should know: Craig Kahl, President and CEO, Adventure Web Interactive – Growing businesses with technology-based marketing.
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Nancy Kelbaugh

Leaders you should know: Nancy Kelbaugh, Owner, All-Pro Placement Service, Inc. – How to make staffing a family affair
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Terry Tateossian

Leaders you should know: Terry Tateossian, Founding Partner and Lead Engineer, Socialfix – An entrepreneurial obsession.
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Leslie Mancuso, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

Leaders you should know: Leslie Mancuso, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, President and CEO, Jhpiego – A global approach to management.
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Zia Islam

Leaders you should know: Zia Islam, President and CEO, Zantech – Finding the opportunity in challenge.
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Amit Puri

Leaders you should know: Amit Puri, President and CEO, Ingenicomm, Inc – The business of science
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Frank A. Valenti

Leaders you should know: Frank A. Valenti, President and CEO, Advanced Sciences and Technologies, LLC (AS&T) – The premier small business engineering services firm.
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Smita Siddhanti, Ph.D.

Leaders you should know: Smita Siddhanti, Ph.D., President, EnDyna, Inc –Standout in a crowded space.
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John Maroon

Leaders you should know: John Maroon, President, Maroon PR – Putting relationships into PR.
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Charlie Alexander Headshot

Charles Alexander

Leaders you should know: Charles Alexander, RN, MSN, MBA, CPTC, President and CEO, The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland – His legacy continues to grow.
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Ted Muendel Headshot

H. Edward Muendel

Leaders you should know: H. Edward Muendel, Managing Director, Stanton Chase International –The speed of search.
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Kim Kaiser Headshot

Kim Horn

Leaders you should know: Kim Horn, President, Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States – The future of healthcare is access anywhere.
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Christina Ensley

Leaders you should know: Christina Ensley, President , Rudolph’s Office & Computer Supply, Inc –How culture and service meet at a healthy bottom line.
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Robert A. DeAlmeida

Leaders you should know: Robert A. DeAlmeida , President and CEO, Hamilton Bank – Clear strategy pays off in tough times.
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Brian David Headshot

Brian M. Davis

Leaders you should know: Brian M. Davis, Managing Director and CEO, ClearView Group – An entrepreneur who happens to be an accountant.
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