The SmartCEO Learning Channel is designed to act as your dedicated learning and development partner. Here you will find a series of master classes in topical areas critical to the needs of the 21st Century enterprise. Let us help you find the right program to fit your needs.

Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Thinking

Learning Channel Program provided by Insights Leadership. “Emotional intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It’s a basic tool that, deployed with finesse, is key to professional success.” – Harvard Business Review Our ability to deal effectively with our emotions in the work place is critical to
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Leader as Coach Mastery Program

Learning Channel Program provided by Karash & Associates. “According to recent research, the single most important managerial competency that separates highly effective managers from average ones is coaching.” – Harvard Business Review Leader as Coach is a program for CEOs and leaders who want to be more skilled in developing others.
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On The Course Leadership Experience

Learning Channel Program provided by Protagonist Consulting Group and The Game Within. On The Course Leadership Experience uses golf as an immersive activity for building critical leadership behaviors. OTC Leadership Experience creates a unique opportunity for leaders and executive coaches to interact together “on the course” and create powerful moments of self-discovery and
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What is Your Why?

Learning Channel Program provided by The Game Within. Are you curious about your why? Are you an influential, compassionate, results driven leader of an organization?  Are you visionary, with an equal understanding of the power that culture wields on an organization?  Are you ready to make a bigger impact in the world?
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Executive Poise, Presence and Influence

Leaders who exude Executive Poise and Presence present themselves and their ideas in a straightforward and genuine manner. They create environments that allow others to thrive. They know how to open others to their ideas and exert influence. They emanate a presence that is genuinely approachable, confident, and trustworthy. We
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