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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1911
Specialty: Finance

ESQ Firm Of The Year – Large

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Thompson Hine LLP

Katherine D. Brandt
Partner-in-Charge, New York Office

Thompson Hine LLP was recognized as one of the top five firms in the country for overall client service excellence and one of the top four firms for “Value for the Dollar” and “Commitment to Help” in an independent survey of over 300 in-house counsels. The firm recently launched SmartPaTH, a program that combines a number of features law firms are using to better serve clients. “It’s a comprehensive service approach that sets realistic expectations, helps our clients better understand the work we are doing on their behalf, gives them some certainty about the associated cost and timeframe, and defines the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved,” says Katherine D. Brandt, partner-in-charge at the firm’s New York office.

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In one engagement, the firm represented a private-equity client who had acquired several platform companies with multiple add-on acquisitions. While the platform companies were not involved in the same industry, their relatively small size required a consolidated loan facility. The financing arrangements became complex and intertwined and, after additional growth, it became apparent that they needed to be separated. Brandt led a multidisciplinary team in a successful corporate reorganization and the establishment of separate financing facilities for each platform company and its subsidiaries.