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Ryan Crabbs

Ryan Crab Headshot

2015 Washington, D.C. CPA-ESQ Award Finalist: Ryan Crabbs was put in charge of handling the audit for Transportation Management Services, Inc.

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Lindsay Andrews

Lindsay Andrews Headshot

2015 Washington, D.C. CPA-ESQ Award Finalist: Lindsay Andrews has always felt that having a good working relationship with clients is key in the audit world.

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Sam Garbia

Garbia headshot

Sam Garbia , 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP “Focus on what clients are asking for. Focus on their needs, and understand where they’re coming from.”

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Jack L. White

White headshot

Jack L. White , 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP “What clients need most is the comfort and confidence that you will address the legal issue immediately before them.”

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Jennifer S. Huber

Huber headshot

Jennifer S. Huber , 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP “There is no such thing as a draft. When a partner or client asks for a ‘draft,’ what they really want is the best possible product given time and other limitations.”

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Scott Meza

Meza headshot

Scott Meza , 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP “Develop strategic insights into the role of your client’s transactions.”

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Julian Haffner

Haffner headshot

Julian Haffner, 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP "Recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and embrace them with courage and clarity of purpose.”

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L. Elise Dieterich

Dietderich headshot

L. Elise Dieterich, Partner, Kutak Rock LLP, 2015 CPA-ESQ Finalist: QUICK TIP “Learn your clients’ business, and consider yourself a partner in their success.”

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Allison Driver Rule

Allison headshot

Allison Driver Rule, 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP “Be able to recognize the skills, expertise and experience that you bring to the table, and recognize the skills, expertise and experience that your colleagues possess.”

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