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When should I call a patent attorney?

Thought Leadership on Intellectual Property Protection presented by Nath, Goldberg & Meyer. Imagine this scenario. It’s getting very late on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning. You are extremely tired from another long day at the office, plus all your responsibilities at home, yet your mind refuses to turn off and your body refuses to go to sleep. So you sit on ...

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Ryan Crabbs

Ryan Crab Headshot

2015 Washington, D.C. CPA-ESQ Award Finalist: Ryan Crabbs was put in charge of handling the audit for Transportation Management Services, Inc.

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Lindsay Andrews

Lindsay Andrews Headshot

2015 Washington, D.C. CPA-ESQ Award Finalist: Lindsay Andrews has always felt that having a good working relationship with clients is key in the audit world.

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Sam Garbia

Garbia headshot

Sam Garbia , 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP “Focus on what clients are asking for. Focus on their needs, and understand where they’re coming from.”

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Jack L. White

White headshot

Jack L. White , 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP “What clients need most is the comfort and confidence that you will address the legal issue immediately before them.”

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Jennifer S. Huber

Huber headshot

Jennifer S. Huber , 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP “There is no such thing as a draft. When a partner or client asks for a ‘draft,’ what they really want is the best possible product given time and other limitations.”

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Scott Meza

Meza headshot

Scott Meza , 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP “Develop strategic insights into the role of your client’s transactions.”

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Julian Haffner

Haffner headshot

Julian Haffner, 2015 CPA-ESQ: QUICK TIP "Recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and embrace them with courage and clarity of purpose.”

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L. Elise Dieterich

Dietderich headshot

L. Elise Dieterich, Partner, Kutak Rock LLP, 2015 CPA-ESQ Finalist: QUICK TIP “Learn your clients’ business, and consider yourself a partner in their success.”

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