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Are you curious about your why?

Are you an influential, compassionate, results driven leader of an organization?

Are you visionary, with an equal understanding of the power that culture wields on an organization?

Are you ready to make a bigger impact in the world?

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The Game Within was founded by Christo Schutte in 2008. An elite athlete and native of South Africa, Christo established The Game Within after concluding his career as a tennis player and coach.

The journey began through his experience as an athlete. Christo observed again and again that there is a wide competency gap between the top 10 and the top 100 athletes. This discovery led him to explore the habits, basic traits and behaviors of top 10 athletes and—later—business leaders. Working with a Canadian sprinter for the London 2012 Olympics along with a national gymnast, only further confirmed Christo’s findings. In short, top 10 athletes and top 10 executives have the same distinguishing qualities in common: a growth mindset, advanced alignment of the 5 domains (mental, emotional, physical, technical and spiritual) and a deep understanding of their “why.”

Since launching The Game Within, Christo has spent over a decade developing leaders in business. He has worked with leaders of Fortune 15, mid-sized companies, and start up growth companies. Additionally, Christo is on a journey to help 10, 000 leaders to live more from their “why.” He is focused on helping executives to become top 10 leaders in the work place so that they can experience sustained productivity, profitability and health.

As a seasoned executive coach, Christo brings a wealth of experience, passion, and a unique approach to leadership development. He has an established record of success in supporting leaders in pursuing and achieving their goals.

Christo has worked with leaders in various organizations including Verizon, The National Institute of Health (NIH), Barclay’s Group, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Coldwell-Banker, M&T Bank, Hartford Funds, and senior leaders at the FBI.

Christo is a graduate of Georgetown University’s globally renowned leadership program and a certified (PCC) member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with over 1000 hours, one-on-one coaching experience. He also holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

About The Game Within: The Game Within is a customized approach to executive coaching that promotes individual growth and team advancement through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, team alignment sessions, corporate programs, experiential learning programs and speaking. Just as a tennis player trains for a high stakes match, The Game Within encourages executives to train to get to the next level in their performance and development.

Founded by Philadelphia executive coach, Christo Schutte, The Game Within teaches leaders how to transition from reactive leadership to creative leadership — a state in which leaders and team members actively create what they envision, rather than reacting to what they see.

Our mission is to inspire executives to discover their individual and corporate whys; build their capacity to more powerfully lead themselves and others; and empower them to bring about their own breakthroughs.

Giving back to Africa: Born and raised in South Africa, Christo Schutte has always had a special place in his heart for Africa. His wife, an American born in Kenya with family roots in the continent, has further supported Christo’s innate desire to make an impact there. This desire to give back to Africa continued to grow as the Schuttes fostered a child with great medical need from Burkina Faso in 2015-2016. Giving back to this beautiful continent is one of Christo’s “why’s” and the exciting part is that this journey has really just begun. By working with The Game Within you are partnering with Christo on his journey to give back to Africa, as a portion of the profits of all sales will go to support a child and/or upstart business in the continent.

Executive Education Topics:

When I first met Christo, my challenge to him was to help me work out who am I going to become. I wasn’t looking for another self help guru, or assistance with goal setting and how to get what I wanted, I already has a clear understanding of that process. What I needed, was to unlock the deeper potential in side of me, by overcoming some deep routed beliefs that were holding me back, and to really discover my ‘why’, and be confident that I was headed in the right direction with my life. Christo has helped me re-discover my inner light, and strengthened my faith so that I can follow my star. – Richard Daw, CEO Clone Systems, Philadelphia

Christo has changed my life, and I would recommend him to anyone. I have never experienced an engagement where someone was so committed to me as a person and was able to so quickly affect change in my life. Everything I do and all areas of my life have been transformed—my overall family and work life is so much more valuable to me and I am able to approach these spheres in a way I never was able to before. Christo particularly showed me the power of accepting and now I operate well in the most difficult of situations, bringing out the best in myself and in my team. Christo went above and beyond and I recommend him with 100% confidence. – Jeff Reiss, Head of Retail Sales, Hartford Funds, Philadelphia

The “What is your why?” workshop that Christo facilitated for us was truly transformational!!! What an opportunity to slow down and listen to what is most important. It allowed each team member to explore their individual purpose while at the same time binding our shared purpose together. Thank you!  –  Almero Steyn – Director, Integralis IT Consulting, South Africa