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How to manage stress at work and in your personal life

How to manage stress at work and in your personal life

By Kenneth N. Wexley, Ph.D. and Douglas A. Strouse, Ph.D.

Executives often ask us, “What can I do to lower the stress that I’m experiencing now in my job and in my personal life?”

We’re not surprised by this question because we’re being bombarded everyday with catastrophic news such as the recent Las Vegas massacre, the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico, and the forest fires in California. At work, there are many potential sources of stress, such as work overload, job insecurity, and toxic co-workers.

We’d like you to visualize for a moment a target consisting of a few concentric circles. In the center of the target is the bull’s eye. The bull’s eye contains all things which you have complete or else a great deal of control over.   The circle surrounding the bull’s eye contains those things that you cannot control, but have a great deal of influence. The outermost circle consists of those things which you have either very little or no control. read more…

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