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Want to change your organizational culture? Great leaders rewire brains

Thought Leadership on The Neuroscience Of Leadership presented by Zero Point Leadership. Stuck in the past Organizational culture includes values and beliefs that are deeply embedded in an organization’s psyche. Although culture provides a stabilizing effect in organizational life, it has a powerful influence on perpetuating the status quo. Layered throughout the organization, culture pushes back against the disruption associated with change you want to
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The science of problem solving: 3 strategies for reaching an “aha” moment

Thought Leadership on The Neuroscience Of Leadership presented by Zero Point Leadership. What happens in our brains when we solve problems? First, consider that there are different types of problem solving. There is linear problem solving, which includes problems that have one solution and are usually better solved analytically. Examples of linear problems include things like math problems and balancing a budget. Complex problems however,
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Mindlessness: The invisible line item in your budget

Thought Leadership on The Neuroscience Of Leadership presented by Zero Point Leadership. Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered how you got there, or zoned out while walking to the coffee shop on your mid-morning break? Times like these demonstrate what a good job our autopilot does of taking care of us. However, when you need to engage in higher-order thinking to solve complex
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Got grit? 4 strategies to help leaders keep cool under pressure

Thought Leadership on The Neuroscience Of Leadership presented by Zero Point Leadership. Leaders are people who are trying to influence change. How well this goes depends largely on their ability to perform under pressure and adapt successfully in the face of adversity. Effective leadership requires durability, perseverance, and the capacity to resist the negative impacts of stress within both personal contexts and workplace environments. Having
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The science of engagement: How to reactivate disengaged employees

Thought Leadership on The Neuroscience Of Leadership presented by Zero Point Leadership. The research in leadership and organizational change management tells us that our biggest obstacle to creating a high performance workplace is engagement. With an alarming 70% of the American workforce disengaged, it is not surprising to see organizations struggling to move change initiatives and goals forward. To facilitate change, people have to change
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4 strategies to future proof your organization

Thought Leadership on The Neuroscience Of Leadership presented by Zero Point Leadership. Are you feeling a constant sense of uncertainty related to on-going disruptive change and wondering how your organization is going to successfully navigate the turbulence?   Do you wish you were further ahead or feel like you aren’t tapping and leveraging true potential? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are
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6 steps to unlocking extraordinary leadership

Laurie HeadshotABOUT LAURIE A. ELLINGTON, MA, LPC, RCC, PCC, HMCT: Laurie is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zero Point Leadership, a leading-edge heart and neuroscience-based personal and leadership learning and development organization.   She is also co-founder of NeuroLeader University, the world’s first neuroscience-based online university dedicated to expanding personal and leadership greatness through science-based learning, and the co-author of Six Steps to Unlocking Extraordinary Leadership: The Neuroscience of High Performance Leadership.   Laurie is among the pioneers who recognize that we change the world by harnessing the power of our minds. Combining research from neuroscience, quantum physics, heart intelligence, systems thinking, and mindfulness, she helps individuals, teams and organizations experience transformational shifts in the way they think, feel, and show    up in the world.

Laurie has over 20 years of experience in coaching, training, consulting, facilitation and mind/body medicine, and is appreciated for her ability to help people reprogram their thinking and eliminate self-destructive habits that get in the way of unlocking true potential and achieving greatness. She holds the Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation and a certification in Brain-Based Coaching from the NeuroLeadership Institute. Laurie is also a HeartMath® Certified Trainer and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She enjoys facilitating psychology, organizational development, and critical thinking courses at the University of Phoenix and facilitates workshops in Stress Resilience and the Neuroscience of Leadership for the Office of Personnel Management Center for Leadership Development.


A seasoned executive coach, facilitator, IT leader, consultant and veteran of the US Navy Reserve (USNR), Paul McFadden has been exemplifying leadership excellence for over 24 years in the Private, Public and Volunteer sectors. In 2010, after a very successful career in the field of Information Technology spanning over 15 years, he transitioned from his senior IT leadership role and became co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Zero Point Leadership, a leading-edge science-based leadership learning and development organization. Paul also co-developed the NeuroLeader System™, co-authored the eBook “Six Steps to Unlocking Extraordinary Leadership”, and is co-founder of NeuroLeader University™, the world’s first online university dedicated to expanding leadership and organizational excellence through science-based learning and development designed to maximize performance, increase engagement, improve stress resilience and redefine organizational culture.

In the leadership development and coaching community, he is recognized for his skillful approach to helping leaders and organizations solve their most challenging problems through the integration of cutting-edge strategies and techniques grounded in science-based research with innovations in leadership development, coaching, and performance management.

Paul is an active member of the following professional and service organizations:

·       NeuroLeadership Institute

·       International Coach Federation

·       Institute of HeartMath®

·       Association for Talent Development

·       Project Management Institute

·       Ancient Free & Accepted Masons

·       Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite


He received his Result Professional Coach Certification (RPCC) from the NeuroLeadership Group, earned his Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer through the Institute of HeartMath®. In addition, he holds active PMP® and ITIL® Expert certifications as well as has been trained in Black Belt Six Sigma Methodologies. Paul is also Adjunct Faculty with the Office of Personnel Management Center for Leadership Development where he has facilitated Neuroscience of Leadership and Leadership Resilience programs to over 700 federal government (GS – SES level) leaders.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, one of the (5) US Federal Service Academies and was honorably discharged from the US Navy Reserve after (4) years of service. In his free time, Paul enjoys being a mentor to youth as well as emerging minority leaders, volunteering his time to various Masonic service activities, spending time with his family and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.